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Our services generate business value for our global customers through smart collaboration, cutting-edge skills, latest technologies, and in-depth industry knowledge. We develop unique and high-value solutions that create impact.

Embrace-it is an expanding Danish management consultancy house and software development partner with 100+ highly skilled specialists and developers based in Denmark, Vietnam, USA and Pakistan. We advise leaders on strategy and IT, while offering the back-up of offshore resources for software development, maintenance, and support.


To transform the offshore industry by evolving the model of global collaboration in order to facilitate and deliver the true benefits of offshoring.

We believe our approach to offshoring could potentially transform the industry. We have a vision of being the ones to lead that transformation, by evolving the model of global collaboration in order to facilitate and deliver the true benefits of offshore IT development.


To deliver IT solutions and services to inspire, innovate and facilitate the working lives of customers across the globe.

Embrace-it is committed to delivering IT solutions and services that impact and facilitate the working lives of its employees, clients and the people around them across the globe.

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